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Virtual Events

The Highered Virtual Recruitment platform, a trusted by partner for recruiters, hiring managers and employer branding managers, and schools worldwide, supports companies and organisations to run custom virtual career fairs and virtual events and organise global career events together with the schools. In 2020 more than 145,000 students attended and met with more than 1,200 recruiters. Gain unique access and insights through the built in analytics and access top employable talent. Integrated chat and end to end encrypted video chats.

Virtual Events

Host your own custom virtual events

Invite attendees from all or a selection of our schools already having the platform embedded on their intranet. Or invite publicly. You decide. 

Marketing automation

We market your event to our schools and students.  With our 700 school large network of talent already plugged on, reaching relvant and targeted talent is easy. 

Public or private events

Unique landing pages allowing your marketing team to promote the events, where you want.

Our full service platform, trusted by more than 1000 companies and top schools worldwide, is now available for you to host your own virtual career fairs or virtual events with Live chats, Webinars, Employer branding content, Jobs and graduate programs. Attendee demographics integrated into the platform.







More reasons to GetHighered


More Opportunities

Aside from your virtual events, you can choose to present positions and programs to the students and graduates after the event and go live at any time in our chat!.

Career Assessment

Verified talent will have access to a free online career assessment on the GetHighered platform.

Career Resources

Highered offers a wide array of career journey masterclasses available to GetHighered users.


EFMD Initiative

Highered is the official Career Services initiative of the largest global education network in the world made up of more than 600 institutions in 91 countries.

+600 Schools

More than 600 academic institutions in the EFMD Global Network have access to the Highered platform. A unique opportunity when planning custom events as the marketing channel is ready!


Custom event organization is just one feature of the Highered Talentpanel. You can also join large global fairs, post positions to schools worldwide, reach out via targeting services to reach niche talent pools supporting your talent pipeline, schedule appointments directly with students in your calendar, and much more.


More than Virtual Fairs

Recruiters and hiring managers participating in your virtual events have the ability to continue connecting with talent 24/7 after the events.

Premium Customization

Event as a service! We can support planning, production and hosting of the entire event. We have hosted many large events with speakers, career gurus, and international thought leaders. Use us to bring up your game!