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It was great to be part of this Masterclass and I have to say your professionalism and experience was evident and the whole experience went really well. 

– LinkedIn Learning


“I try to be really selective when it comes to trainings and conferences, as it is not easy to find an impactful one in a nice area like career development (and on top of that, in highere education). I am so happy to be a part of Highered Global’s Professional Development Institute for Career Development professionals in November 2019. I really suggest all related colleagues to follow and participate in future events.”

– Tuna Dagli

“Hi Amber, I am almost back in Milan. What a week! I found the CPDI a very enriching experience both content as relationship wise. Keep up with this initiative and let’s see if I can add soome value after the transformation my team is going through these months. See you soon.”

-Sabyne Moras