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Talent Panel Features

The Talent Panel functions as your analytics dashboard showing live engagement with content and positions you have posted at any given time. Gain insights such as which schools, number of application clicks and position views giving valuable tracking and input for future potential school collaborations. Export all data and import to local BI-systems. Invite colleagues to view.

Virtual fairs

The Virtual Career Fairs allow companies and organizations from around the globe to connect and interact in real-time with students, graduates and alumni from EFMD school members. The fairs are organized by subjects to increase relevance for all stakeholders.


Get real-time data to inform your decision-making: which countries, schools and number of talent are engaging with your content?


Our monthly masterclass series offers practical tools for managing the next steps in a talents career. Topics include Pitching your Profile, Linkedin Makeover, Salary Negotiation and How to Interview. Masterclasses are led by Dr Amber Wigmore Alvarez, a global reference in Employability, and a number of international experts in recruitment and careers. Masterclasses can be tailored to and sponsored by our clients.

Country Guide

A country-by-country blueprint for careers culture across the world. The guides reflect user-generated knowledge that only Highered — with users in 91 countries – can deliver. Find out about popular job searches, what are the great places to work in, salary guides, strategies for getting the job, networking and other general resources. Feel free to contribute.


Highered offers webinar tutorials to careers services, helping teams get the most out of this solution. Topics include effective use of platform, communication, engagement strategies, benefits of Student Ambassador Programme, analytics dashboards and much more.