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Our Story

Highered EFMD Shared Career Services

We are endorsed by educators and have direct access to more than 500 business schools and universities all over the world.

We are global in our footprint and mindset, with partners in 91 countries. And we walk the talk: our headquarters are staffed by a truly global team of colleagues from places as diverse as Norway, Canada, Italy, Poland, USA, China and the Philippines.

When we first presented our solution to 150 leading business schools in 2016 we were blown away by the reaction we got. Someone shouted from the audience ‘we love you’ and we knew we were on to something students, schools and recruiters cared about. 

For the last 7 years, more than 5000 careers professionals at business schools have fed into Highered, through dedicated professional careers conferences led by accreditation body EFMD. Highered is a solution designed with the community, for the community, with a vision to build a world where every student and alumn can fulfill their dreams. 

Our Mission

At Highered our mission is to build a better future for students and talent all over the world. We invest in the smartest matching technology and are creating the greatest ecosystem of business schools, universities and recruiters so that we can support talent in achieving their dreams.

Our Vision 

Our vision is to build a world where every student and alum can grow their talent and have equal access to information and opportunities on the journey to fulfilling their dreams.

EFMD Global Network

“Highered Talent Panel is a unique solution available exclusively to EFMD member schools. Highered connects our international pool of talented students to career opportunities offered by our global network of EFMD corporate members. We see that this strategic venture will bring additional value to our network, strengthening the relationship between schools’ career services and talent recruiters, in a common goal to enhance the quality of management development globally.”

Prof. Eric Cornuel

President of EFMD