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About EFMD Global Network


We ensure multiposting for our Corporate partners (i.e trainee positions, internships, graduate jobs, events, competitions and relevant career opportunities).

Target schools

Highered is the only official shared Career Services platform that communicates directly with the 600+ schools in our network on behalf of our recruiters providing unique access to all relevant talent. 

Get talent!

Candidates are sent directly to your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or preferred destination. Recruiters have access to Talent Analytics (# countries/schools viewing content, position views, application clicks and conversion rate).

Tailored Campaigns

We’re more than a platform. Our Corporate Relations team liaises with companies and organizations to boost recruitment strategies through events, targeted emails, promoted content, masterclasses, student challenges, and other campaign activities.

Analytics and Insights

With such high numbers of talent on our platform, we have our finger-on-the-pulse when it comes to behaviors and trends. Access these insights to boost your recruitment strategies.

Relevant talent

The Highered algorithm is designed to learn from our talent’s profiles and user behavior in order to accelerate the matching between recruiters hiring needs with our global talent pool. 

Companies such as Mars, Ericsson, PepsiCo and Deutsche Bank, among others, prefer Highered which successfully delivers relevant talent.

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Our team works directly with our corporate partners across the Globe, in all sectors, to attract quality applicants from the entire network, specific regions or schools. Gain a competitive advantage with global multiposting, data to support your decisions and access to school local communication channels.

Highered really listened to what our specific needs were, and delivered much more targeted results than competitors. As a result, our entire team will now consider them first as a promotional partner for student events.

Major Tech Firm

University Outreach team

We try to be present and try to engage with students as much as we can. This is one of the reasons why we joined Highered.

– Recruiting Associate


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Achieve 40% Conversion rate

Ericsson Case Study Highered worked closely with Ericsson to strengthen its brand recognition among talent in top schools. Delve into the case study to learn how Ericsson received applications from 282 top schools in 62 countries and continues to attract future innovators.

February Masterclass

The Highered monthly Masterclasses Series is offered as a complimentary service to the global talent pool of students and alumni.

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